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Services and Products

UP Unleaded Petrol

Whether a premium vehicle owner, general auto enthusiast, tuner or motorcyclist, you know that performance counts. At UP, we believe great performance begins with a clean engine. UP Unleaded is designed to deliver optimum performance through advanced technology.

The minimum specifications for United Petroleum Gasoline Octane level is 91

United Petroleum gasoline is used by hundreds of Zanzibar motorists every week to fuel private and public vehicles.


At UP Stations, we use innovative oils and greases designed to meet your challenges. Our extensive range includes our ultimate-performance lubricants, which offer outstanding protection, long lubricant life and system efficiency.

UP Gold Diesel


UP Gold Diesel is the right fuel for drivers who care about their engine and expect the best performance and quality from a diesel fuel.

UP Gold Diesel has been refined to the lowest Sulphur content /parts per million available anywhere in the world. Our UP Gold diesel is 15ppm (parts per million) Compared to the industry standard of 500parts per million. This means it is designed to give more cleaning power, safe to the environment and can be used with confidence in all diesel engines.

As you drive, deposits can build up on fuel injectors. These deposits can compromise the functioning of your engine, such as impaired fuel spray and reduced fuel flow. The result - poor engine combustion.

UP Gold Diesel helps clean those performance-robbing deposits, resulting in better engine protection and improved combustion. And with continued use, you'll help maintain the efficiency of your vehicle's engine.

Kerosene (IK)

United Petroleum Kerosene meets the Jet A1 specifications.Jet A-1 is kerosene-type fuel. The primary physical difference between the two is freeze point (the temperature at which wax crystals disappear in a laboratory test).

Jet A, which is mainly used in Jet propulsion engines, must have a freeze point of -40 ºC or below, while IK must have a freeze point of -47 ºC or below. Kerosene does not normally contain a static dissipater additive, while Jet A-1 often requires this additive. Our Kerosene meets the TBS specifications and is fit for use in cooking & lighting purposes.


We are currently the leading onshore bunkering company in Zanzibar with exclusive bunkering fueling facility at the port of Zanzibar serving ferries and Ships. We have the highest quality Marine Gasoil and delivery can be done within 24hrs notice.

Retail Network

We have 10 petrol stations spread across the Island of Zanzibar and are in the process of adding more within this year. We are currently at Amani, Kinazini, Mtoni, Dunga, Koani, Fuoni, Mwanakwerekwe, Paje, Kiembe Samaki, Kitundu, Mfenesini

These stations can be integrated as a solution to corporate clients who can purchase bulk fuels and still enjoy our vast network to serve their fleet.

Tanker Charter

We are currently spot chartering our marine tanker which is a Lloyds class double hull double bottom tanker. United Spirit 1 IMO no 934751 is of LOA 88.67meters, GRT 2965mt, and Summer Deadweight of 3778mt.

The total cubic capacity is 4173.5m3. It has 6 cargo pumps with separated pipelines and two pumps can run simultaneously with discharge capacity of 550m3 per hr.

Our Charter routes are Dar es Salaam, STS Point Mangapwani, Mombasa, Mtwara, Comoros & Mozambique ports.